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Nicole Cathey was born into the beauty industry, literally.  She is the daughter of a hair stylist and beauty is all she knows.  That is a good thing because her own beauty and style led to a career in modeling, which paved the way for her to become a runway coach at the age of 17.   Nicole discovered at an early age that she had a calling and a passion for encouraging and building confidence in others. Her journey continues even now in that as a master stylist, barber, and make-up artist Nicole strives to help people to embrace their flaws and build confidence in themselves.
“Model Amore”, simply defined, is the love of modeling.  Nicole has taken it a step further because it is not just modeling external accoutrements such as clothing, accessories, hair etc, but being a Model to life by displaying and embodying empowerment, creativity, and confidence internally.  Her unbridled passion for fashion and keen eye for style have afforded Model Amore the opportunity to create avenues to “Empower your Pretty”.   She is often inspired through art, travel, and quirky quotes found in things like tea bags and fortune cookies. The goal for Model Amore is to bring “You out of You” by providing affordable yet unique products and services that embrace your inner Model.  Model Amore is not just a brand!  It’s a lifestyle! Live your life confidently and Empower your Pretty!

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